Why use us?

Welcome to Inmobiliaria El Zoco.

We are a newly formed estate agency located in the El Zoco market on Sundays.

Strange place you may think, well with over 5,000 people visiting the market every Sunday, we think it’s probably the best place to run an estate agency. With most agents publishing on the net or in shop window competing with each other, we have decided to give our clients a better chance by opening a new office in the heart of El Zoco market.

We offer low commission to all our customers and also, as apart from advertising on the market, we still provide all the services that other agents supply. We also have our foot in the door of most of the new build properties in the area that you may have or have not seen.

Furthermore we are in collaboration with a prefabrication house  builder who offers 6 models in various sizes. These can be erected on most land plots or on a site where previously a house stood or is still standing.

If we can help you in anyway please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to advise and help you.

English:      65 8338 123

Espanyol:  64 780 2870

Office:         96 677 0997


Address: Mercadillo El Zoco Calle 3 Algorfa

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